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Credit Conversion Model

In support of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) goals, the FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) offers self-paced online Independent Study (IS) courses free of charge for individuals with emergency management responsibilities and the general public.

The Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management & Public Safety at Frederick Community College (MACEM&PS|FCC) recognizes successful completion of Independent Study courses and awards college credit for coursework that meets FCC standards.

Looking for a receipt of your 2022 credit conversion payments? Request a receipt here.

Credit Conversion Benefits

College credits awarded for FEMA EMI Independent Study courses can be used towards an academic program at FCC or to advance your career by fulfilling job credentials and professional development requirements. The Independent Study Credit Conversion program allows you to:

  • Complete online FEMA courses for free at your own pace
  • Acquire critical, relevant emergency management information
  • Earn college credits or a degree

Credit Conversion Process

Convert FEMA EMI Independent Study courses into college credit through the Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management & Public Safety at Frederick Community College (MACEM&PS|FCC).

  1.  Review the FCC Course List to determine the FEMA IS courses that are eligible for college credit. Effective 1/24/2023

    FCC Course List
  2. Visit EMI’s website to take the FEMA IS course(s) you have chosen from the FCC Course List.

    Complete Independent Study Courses
  3. Submit the Credit Conversion Request Form to earn college credit for your FEMA IS course completions.

    Credit Conversion Request Form

Credit Conversion Tips

  • Use the College Credit Checker prior to submitting a Credit Conversion Request Form.
  • If you have already earned college credit through the FEMA Independent Study Credit Conversion program at FCC, request an FCC unofficial transcript to view your current record.
  • Make sure you complete all FEMA IS courses required for the college credits you wish to earn.
  • Send an official FEMA IS course record to MACEM&PS|FCC documenting successful completion of the required FEMA IS courses. (See Step 2 within the Credit Conversion Request Form)
  • Check your email regularly, including your spam folder, for communications from MACEM&PS|FCC.

Program Details

Credit Conversion Basics

  • Credit conversion cost is $90 per credit.
  • College credit is assigned a ‘P’ for Passing. A ‘P’ is equivalent to a grade of ‘C’ or better and does not factor into calculating GPA.
  • FEMA IS courses must be completed prior to requesting college credit.
  • Status updates will be sent via email.

Processing Time: 2-3 weeks

  • MACEM&PS|FCC will notify you via email when your college credit is posted to your student record.
  • You’ll receive an email titled “Your Credit Conversion Request has been processed!”
  • It is important for you to wait to request an official FCC transcript until after you receive this email confirmation.
  • After you receive your email confirmation, you may request an official transcript through Parchment.  

Semester Dates

  • FCC courses are posted to preassigned semesters that correspond to the academic calendar. This means that the FCC transcript reflects FCC course completion within a designated semester and does not reflect the date that the FEMA IS course was completed.
  • Credit is posted to your FCC student record based on the dates below:
    • Spring 2023 Semester: 1/4/23 – 5/29/23
    • Summer 2023 Semester: 5/30/23 – 8/18/23
    • Fall 2023 Semester: 8/19/23 – 1/2/24
  • To obtain credit within your desired academic semester:
    • The required FEMA IS course(s) must be completed any time prior to the end of the desired academic semester
    • The Credit Conversion Request Form must be completed within the desired academic semester.

Need Help?

Meet with the MACEM&PS|FCC FEMA Program Coordinator to ask questions and get help with the FEMA Independent Study credit conversion process.

Credit Conversion 101
Virtual Drop-In Info Sessions
Wednesdays, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 263 685 5468
Passcode: HzhyL3

Contact Us

Contact MACEM&PS|FCC at creditconversion@frederick.edu or 301.624.2854.

For questions related to FEMA IS courses, please contact the Independent Study Program Office at Independent.Study@fema.dhs.gov or 301-447-1200.

For questions related to your FEMA Student ID, please contact the Help Desk at femasidhelp@cdpemail.dhs.gov or 866-291-0696.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which college credits to select on the Credit Conversion Request Form?
Please choose college credit based on the IS courses you have completed successfully. Note that each FCC course is equal to 1 college credit. FCC courses are identified by the term FEMA followed by three numerical digits XXX. Some of the FCC “FEMA XXX” courses require only one IS course completion while others require a combination of IS course completions.

If you would like a copy of your IS course completions, please contact the Independent Study Program (ISP) Office at 301-447-1200 or Independent.Study@fema.dhs.gov. ISP Office hours are 8:00a.m.-4:30p.m. ET Monday – Friday, except federal holidays.

Can I submit my credit conversion request over the phone?
No, you must complete the Credit Conversion Request Form online. The form can be found here.

Does the Credit Conversion Request Form have a time limit for completion?
No, it does not.

Can I save my Credit Conversion Request Form if I am not ready to submit?

Once I submit the Credit Conversion Request Form, how long does it take to post my college credit to an FCC transcript?
Validating and posting your college credit takes approximately 2-3 weeks. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from MACEM&PS|FCC once your order has been processed.

I obtained college credit through FCC before. Where can I find my order history?
Your order history will be sent to you via e-mail immediately after each credit conversion submission.

For students who used emstudy.com in the past to convert credit, you can request an FCC official transcript to see a list of all the FCC “FEMA” credits you have earned.

What should I do if I made an error within my credit conversion request?
Please reach out to MACEM&PS|FCC for assistance by e-mailing emergmgt@frederick.edu.

How safe is my personal information?
All information is secured using the latest electronic data encryption standards. For further details, please review the Terms and Conditions policy here.

What should I do if my personal or contact information has changed?
Please reach out to MACEM&PS|FCC for assistance by e-mailing emergmgt@frederick.edu.

Why do you need my personal information, particularly FEMA SID number, date of birth and gender?
EMI’s Independent Study Program tracks your training record with a student identification number, also known as a FEMA SID. MACEM&PS|FCC will use this information to verify your student record. FCC also asks for your date of birth and gender as a part of necessary information required for granting college credit.

How can I obtain an official transcript of my college credits?
Students may request an FCC official transcript here. Transcripts are $5 for electronic delivery or $7.50 to mail.
Please do not request a transcript until you receive a confirmation email from MACEM&PS|FCC that your credit conversion request has been processed. Transcripts requested prior to receipt of the MACEM&PS|FCC confirmation email will not reflect the courses recently converted. No refunds are provided for requesting transcripts too early.

What is the difference between the EMI Independent Study Program transcript and the Frederick Community College transcript?
The EMI Independent Study transcript reflects your IS course completion(s) and CEU (Continuing Education Unit) amounts. The FCC transcript details the college credit(s) you have obtained through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Suite 2 West, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

What versions of the Independent Study courses will be accepted towards credit?
The current or previous version of the Independent Study course will be accepted for conversion into credit**

For example, FCC will accept credit for successful completion of IS-230.e (current version) OR IS- 230.d (previous version). Please note that earlier versions (IS-230, IS-230.a, IS-230.b, and IS-230.c) can no longer be used to earn college credit.

**Any annual revision for IS-20, IS-21, IS-107, and IS-246 will be accepted for college credit.

The IS course that I completed is not listed within the Credit Conversion Form. What does this mean?
Not all FEMA Independent Study courses are eligible for college credit. For up to date IS course information, please reference this guide.

I took an IS course that was available for college credit when I completed it, but I do not see this course listed within the Credit Conversion Form. Can I still receive college credit?
FCC will only grant college credit for IS courses that have been removed from the IS Course List within the current semester. For the Spring 2022 semester, these courses include:

IS-103 = 1 credit (FCC’s FEMA 192)

IS-276.a and IS-277.a = 1 credit (FCC’s FEMA 198)

To be eligible for credit, you must submit your credit conversion request for the FCC courses above by 5/30/22.

When IS course combinations change for an FCC course that I have already been awarded, can I receive additional college credit?
No. The only exception to this rule is IS-394 (retired course) and IS-394.a, which are used to obtain credit for two different FCC “FEMA” courses.

Can a third party pay my college credit fee?
Yes. Simply enter the third-party payment details during checkout.

Does Frederick Community College provide military tuition payment options for academic programs utilizing FEMA Independent Study courses?
Frederick Community College expanded the Veteran’s Administrative benefit eligibility for academic programs utilizing converted FEMA Independent Study courses. This benefit applies only to courses taken through Frederick Community College. It does not cover the cost to convert FEMA Independent Study courses to college credit. For more information, contact the FCC Veteran and Military Services office at 301.624.2838.

Are there any age restrictions on obtaining college credits?
Yes. FCC does not award credits to students that are 10 years of age or younger. Students that are between the ages of 11–17 will need a parent or guardian's signature when filling out the Credit Conversion Request Form.

Does the college credit I earn through FCC transfer to other institutions?
Students are responsible for verifying acceptance of FCC “FEMA” credits by the receiving institution. 

Does the New York City Department of Education still accept college credits for converting IS courses?
NYC DOE requirements have changed for completion dates and semester deadlines. Please check with  the NYC DOE for more information.

What level of credit are the college credits offered through FCC?
Lower-division 100 level credits.

Are CEU's the same as college credit?
No. You should not compare college credit amounts to CEU (Continuing Education Unit) amounts. CEU's are determined by IACET. College credit amounts are determined by Frederick Community College.

I am having technical problems with the Credit Conversion Request Form. Who can I contact for assistance?
Contact MACEM&PS|FCC at: emergmgt@frederick.edu or 301.624.2854

I am having technical problems with the FEMA EMI website. Who can I contact for assistance?
Please reference EMI’s technical information guide. If you continue to have trouble, you may reach out to the Independent Study Program (ISP) Office at 301-447-1200 or Independent.Study@fema.dhs.gov. ISP Office hours are 8:00a.m.-4:30p.m. ET Monday – Friday, except federal holidays.