Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management

Professional Services

Educational opportunities, career training, innovative programming, and emergency management training solutions are available for professionals in every phase, at every level, in every industry. With a dedication to emergency preparation and training, MACEM continues to design and deliver local, regional, and national programming in an effort to increase safety and security throughout our nation. Programs include:
  • Business Continuity
    Every year stress, crisis and disaster strikes a number of businesses, disrupting and severely damaging operations. Without a business continuity plan - the act of preparing appropriate actions in response to the unexpected - businesses suffer from immediate and long-term negative effects. To reduce and potentially eliminate adverse consequences of crisis events, MACEM conducts individual businesses evaluations and delivers customized plans for resiliency in today's world.
  • FEMA Independent Study Courses
    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) work to identify emergency management education and training requirements. FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI) delivers free online Independent Study (IS) courses to meet these demands. MACEM at Frederick Community College (FCC) awards academic credit for the successful completion of EMI coursework meeting FCC academic standards. Learn more...
    Customized MACEM instruction, training and materials prepares organizations to identify risk, engage partners, and drive change by integrating analytics, technology, and leadership to build strong and connected communities. MACEM EDGE is where community leaders expand critical environmental knowledge through situational awareness, collaboration, and multidisciplinary methods for managing the processes of developing community.
  • Consulting, Training & Professional Development
    MACEM and industry experts prepare organizations for inevitable disasters and emerging threats in today's world. Through the delivery of innovative techniques and integrated strategies, MACEM works to strengthen societal security, resilience, preparedness and public safety in these environments. These comprehensive presentations ensure emergency management instruction, guidance and strategies are effectively delivered to audiences around the world.
  • Public-Private Partnership Workshops
    To assist governments and private sector stakeholders working to enhance critical infrastructure security and community resilience, MACEM is delivering 2-day DSH-certified instructional workshops focusing on societal security, resilience, and preparedness for all hazards. Free of charge to attend, participants receive 1.4 CEUs upon successful completion of the workshop. Learn more...
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Network
    A network of experts continue to deliver critical information and precise guidance on a variety of topics in the industry. Contact MACEM to learn more about these professionals and ongoing opportunities to engage in collaborative emergency management partnerships.