Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management
FEMA Flood

Academic Programs

Emergency Management Associate of Applied Science1

These comprehensive 60-credit programs focus on preparedness and essential skills needed to organize and lead emergency management operations:

Track 1: FEMA Independent Study2

FEMA Independent Study curriculum serves as the foundation to deliver this online degree program.

Track 2: Residency Pathway2

A combination of online and on-campus courses offers regional students the option to earn a degree in a hybrid format at FCC.

Emergency Management Certificate1

Providing a broad education in emergency management with a focus on preparedness and essential skills needed to organize and lead emergency management operations, the certificate incorporates FEMA Independent Study curriculum in a 26-credit online program.

Emergency Management Letters of Recognition1

Delivering basic emergency management skills and experience pertinent to immediate entry-level employment in specialized fields, the letters of recognition incorporate specific FEMA Independent Study curriculum in condensed 6-8 credit online programs.

Transfer Opportunities

From K-12, secondary education to post-secondary education and beyond, the MACEM helps individuals along the entire continuum of education. Students interested in pursuing an emergency management education are encouraged to explore FCC articulation agreements with the below institutions. Contact FCC Counseling & Advising Office at 301.846.2471 to learn more.
1  Students are strongly encouraged to first contact the Emergency Management Program Manager, prior to enrolling and prior to each semester, to facilitate the process of carefully selecting and sequencing courses based on interests and educational requirements.

2  Students must complete English and Mathematics requirements within the first 24 credits. One general education course must meet the cultural competence graduation requirement. CORE: General Education CORE is a foundation of higher education curriculum providing a coherent intellectual experience for all students. Students should check with an advisor or the transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting General Education CORE requirements. http://artsys.usmd.edu